Mobile App - A Necessity for all Businesses!
2016-01-13 kasar

Mobile App - A Necessity for all Businesses!

      The importance of one of the best weapons to boost up revenue, smart phones and that too with the magic of the technology of apps in it. The number of smart phone users has been increasing exponentially since the year it has been invented. By the year 2017, it has been anticipated to grow to 3 billion. Apart from that, the enterprise mobility is also gaining momentum, and so is the field of enterprise and mobile app development. The simple logic is, according to a survey, email takes an hour and half to think, formulate, draft and send. On the other side, SMS has been now almost replaced by WhatsApp, a chat messenger that takes seconds to communicate. See, how easily and amazingly, the smart phones and apps have changed the world and the way businesses work!

  • eCommerce Industry:

Applications have been ruling the eCommerce since the last decade. Most people prefer to shop from their smart phone or tablet, as it is easier to access and browse. Many eCommerce companies have shut down their websites and focus only on maintaining app, as it brings most customers to them and it is the main source of revenue. For example: Myntra is the best example, as it has already shut down its website and now sells through only app. Even the shops and retail stores are planning get an eCommerce app built to boost up their sales.

  • Restaurant Industry:

People like using apps not only for shopping, but also for finding food outlets. The restaurant industry has also made huge profit from the apps lately. The apps like Zomato has recently drawn attention of most people, as it allows to find a restaurant and order food too. Also, a lot of restaurants and cafes have an app of their own, which has made them successful. It helps them to make things easy for their customers, providing them amazingly delicious experience.

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