My trip to couture luxury!
2016-01-23 Anuja Nagarkar

My trip to couture luxury!

         It was a lovely ride in a bus on a non bumpy NH4 highway.  The Mumbai bangalore highway is the easiest to commute as we have the convenience of express highway and a straight plateau roads unlike hair pin turns of Konkan mountains, still the cities are undiscovered.  The art in these cities are under cover!!

         As I was exploring the historical city of kolhapur, walking down the small streets fulls aroma if amazing spices conglomerated to make tasty misal nd Street full of leather kolhapuri chappals!  ????

        These authentic chappals are made to fit ur feet to perfection with varied variety. Other astonishing products which are handmade,  customised,  rare and forgotten can be revived. Brought to market right in front of the customers. 

         Products would be seen and appreciated from all the corners of the world.  Value for money would come to reality.  Market would widen. scope would expand. Small shop won't be restricted to their area but get a world wide exposure.  Opportunities would increase.  India would rise nd shine as products would be made nd sold in the country excluding the expense of export taxes and all this can happen only by expanding horizon by taking business on Internet. Cause if ur  BUSINESS IS NOT ON INTERNET then your business is OUT OF BUSINESS!!

    By simple procedures he could make people avail amazing opportunity of getting products of their choice at home. 

 Who would deny such a luxury ??  
 Atleast I WONT!

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